Unfortunately it requires a phone that has been certificateunlocked since Orange wont allow unsigned software to run and certification costs 500$ :-(

Get it here(~2MB download)

Unzip and copy to phone, the DoomSPV directory containing the doom1.wad file MUST be in the same directory as the DoomSPV.EXE

* = Shoot
# = Use (and answering y when quitting)
3 = Escape

I've made a new version, I didn't have time to finish it though

this is only for people having trouble with loadtimes AND are feeling brave

Load- and menu-speed is better .....i think
no more debugfile
it's got an icon now, ugly though

save/load game - some fixes, not enough though
gamma correction
ingame speed

Try it at your own risk , and back up the old DoomSPV.exe

exefile only :